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Welcome to my web site!

On this home page we'll introduce smobing with the aim of helping new players to learn the how to equip them selves and the friends



Smobing is killing super mob in order to get there equipment most smobs load a lot better equipment then normal mobs

First of all you will need a few things some Basic kit (you do not need top end equipment to smob the idear is to go smobing to get the nice kits but the better you kit the more usefluu you will be to your smob group) which you can buy from the shops in most citys and find lay about on the floor or in barrels and chest in citys

and theres a post that was made by another player called Elyse
which covers almost all the was to get a basic kit

Solo smobbing is a bit of a misnomer here, as that generally entails focused techniques by high level, well equipped characters to kill super mobs. From your post, I get the sense you are looking more for decent loading regular mobs that a midbie in unexciting equipment can kill, rather than genuine super-mobs. As a general rule, you'll want to reequip from ordinary mobs to the point where you can smob with a group for the top end stuff.

The question then becomes what are the good reequipment mobs?

First, a couple of points:
1. Especially if you are poorly equipped, most of these mobs are best done with two people. Reequipping is vastly easier with a friend.

2. Once you learn to reequip off mobs like this, it's best to always keep a basic set stored. Even having just a gold axe, oiled sleeves, oiled leggings, and a burnished plate will make things much easier for you next time you reequip. When you die, you can grab your backup gear out of rent, and use that to ease the process of gathering new gear. Just make sure that after withdrawing your backup you kill the mobs for a fresh backup set to store, so you'll never have to start reequipping completely naked.

The list (non exclusive, and I'm sure others will recommend more options, but these are some of my favorites):

1. The wretch chief south of Caemlyn. He's more difficult than he used to be, but two level 20s should be able to take him out, though you'll need a decent amount of search to open the greenwall and get to him. In the worst case scenario, just ask a high level character in Caemlyn to help you out. He loads a gold axe, which is a pk worthy axe, along with some basic abs. The existence of the wretch chief with his gold axe load is one more reason why abs axes is a great set up choice for new and experienced players alike.

2. The bringand sentry at the top of the tower on the Lugard Road between Four Kings and Lugard. He's easy, but the abs he loads are very low quality. Still, better than being naked.

3. The lithe woman in the forest a bit north of Illian, in the zone with the tinkers, Smitty, and the snapping gators. Usually she appears in the very northern tip of the zone, but she wanders. This mob appears to be a relatively recent (and welcome) addition. Her load varies significantly, and she appears to sometimes wear abs, sometimes dodge, and sometimes combo. He combo load is particularly nice, as oiled leggings and sleeves make fine basic abs and combo, and a green scaled tunic is a very nice combo chestpiece. She's not very difficult either, much weaker than the wretch chief.

4. Hill giants west of Tar Valon (and in gholam's area in the Great Forest). Definitely use a pair for these guys, as they have pretty good defense and hit hard. But their load is wonderful, as each caries a heavy club, oiled sleeves, oiled leggings, a kite shield, and a brass ring. Oileds are fine for basic abs or combo, brass is the lowest level dodge ring, and kite shields are both a decent defensive shield and a great source of rent credit. Deposit them in the inn and then sell them to the inkeeper for 50gc of credit.

5. The hillman chieftain. This guy loads in a little complex off of South Braem. He's not too tough, and a couple of level 20s or so should have no difficulty with him. He carries a bone handled blade, a decent medium blade for dodgy or combo types.

6. Hobrion Dusque. The fortress by Emond's Field that used to be full of hillmen is now full of rogues. The basic rogues are extremely easy and carry two gold crowns each. Strongarms are tougher, but load 5 crowns, chainmail sets and bone crushing mattocks, good reequipping gear. Hobrion Dusque himself is the closest thing to a real smob of all of these, and indeed, he and the wretch cheif show up on your trophy as bona fide smobs. Hobrion is always escorted by some rogues and a strongarm, but they don't usually assist him in combat. A well equipped highbie will have no difficulty soloing him, and neither should two level 20s. He loads a jewled dagger (though easier to just get that off frightened thieves), some basic dodge (4 db silken black pants and a 6 db shadowy vest) and the best combo gauntlets in the game (which are fine for a reequipping dodger too). He also carries 20 crowns. Note that all the mobs respond to kill Hobrion, so you'll want to target them as rogue, strongarm, or dusque.

7. This isn't a mob, but you should know that you can buy burnished brestplates for less than 5 crowns in Bandar Eban at the Black Knight's Armory. Best way to get there is to take the coach from baerlon. Burnished plates are great for abs players, and it's well worth the coachride to Bandar Eban and back to grab one. Better still if you buy two, so you can wear one and store a backup.

Hope this helps!""

some good info there by Elyse

Also you will need some food some lights a skin or flask or two for water and a dagger for butchering corpses for meat when yours runs out and a horse (asuming you are not playing darkside caus trollocs dont need horses)

i found a nicly wrighten post by Tiberius that covers most of this very well it is posted bellow

""If want to go smobbing, keep an eye on chats, often people will gather a group that way. A few things to remember though if you're new to smobbing...

2) Listen to your leader. Do what he or she says, so try not to afk during a smob run. If you're unsure about what your supposed to be doing, ask them politely to explain with a tell.

3) Sort out which horse is yours and set an alias to lead and ride it. Nearly all smobs are inside. If you type 'group' you can determine which horse number you are...

Tiberius (leader)

Work up from the bottom of the group (Beragon, to the top (Tiberius, So the alias for Nesuam would be...

alias 2 ride
alias 3 lead

4) Make sure your equipment and weapon have been mended beforehand. Bring an oilstone or sandstone, after two or three smobs you weapon will be scratched. It's not necessary to have it honed but it's very usefull for some smobs.

5) Don't use the 'assist' function, the command is visable to everyone in the room and can make a fight very spammy (a bad thing!). Instead set another alias for the target or mob..

alias t k (Be aware your leader may specify a different target, i.e for you)

6)Don't spam emotes or talk alot near a smob. Your leader is trying not to get you killed and if you fill the room with needless infomation they might miss an important narrate or warning.

Smobber 1 says '*babble*'
Smobber 2 says ahhh '*babble*'
Smobber 1 says '*babble*!'
Vincento narrates 'ds 4k'
Smobber 3 gar '*babble*'
Smobber 2 peers at smobber 3.
Smobber 1 says 'pfft *babble*'
A rat now follows smobber 2.
Smobber 3 coughs.
Smobber 3 says *babble babble babble*

Imagine your hitting Rolands (near Caemlyn), your leader has just missed that there's a possible darkside hit squad nearby (4k - four kings, a town 20 rooms away) and that the group has been rated (rats, ravens and crows report your position to fades etc)

This isn't to say you can't have fun, just wait until you got to a safe area like a city.

7) Some useful skills for the diffrenet types of character...


Attack - Useful to take down smobs with high health, but you need to be berserk (you can't flee, so check someone has rescue first!)

Rescue - Useful for saving those group members who are beserk, 1 prac in this is fine just spam 'rescue *smobber 1*'.


Search - 86% search will open almost every door that requires it.

Wisdom lore - 1 prac in this will allow you to revive incap players. E.g 'treat *stupid smobber 1*'.

( treat stupid smober 1 that made me laugh *zain)


Pick - Highly useful for locked doors (there are many). Generally speaking 67% will open nearly all smob doors (Rolands near caemlyn for instance).

Lastly, just have fun. You may not get great loads on all the smobs you hit but if you make a good impression on your leader they'll ask you to smob again. Secondly be patient! Smobbing often takes a lot of time, don't expect to have a full kit in an hour.
If you see me ingame send me tell and I'll take you on a tour of a few .""

see what i men he coverd most of it there ay good old Tiberius

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about smobing. If not please mail me and ask me any time. look forward to playing and smobing with you.

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